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Montrose 4-H
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Chandra Castle

Online Application

Request for Financial Funding

Financial funding is available to 4-H youth and club leaders participating in county, state or national 4-H approved educational programs, events and activities. Monetary support for other educational pursuits and special projects in which 4-H members and leaders are engaged is available also.

This application must be completed for financial funding and monetary support.

Due to the Extension Office No Later than:
             Friday before the meeting

Name of Applicant*
Years in 4-H*
Describe the activity, program or project you are requesting funding for:*
Provide a detailed account of the amount of funding requested. (Include cost and what it will be used for.)*

Chandra "Chandie" Castle Meritorious Service Award

Purpose of Award:
This award is designed to recognize a 4-H member who puts others before themselves and provides a helping hand to anyone in need. It is being awarded in memory of Chandra Castle who was a shining example of "Meritorious Service". No matter what the situation was, Chandra always helped others and was always willing to lend a hand no matter what the task. The service and support she provided had a great impact on the 4-H community and it is a great privilege to honor Chandra Castle through this Meritorious Award.

Due to the Extension Office No Later than:
     TBD 2020

Name of Nominee*
Years in 4-H*
Provide a list of 4-H activities the nominee has been involved in:*
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